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The visa is not required in most countries (check with the embassy of Peru in your country) tourist visa allows 90 days in Peru , you can make 30-day extensions for up to 3 times, up 180 days (6 months) in Peru . Each extension will cost about $ 25.00 , you should consider going to Bolivia or Chile, if you need more time in Peru . It'll take about two days and you'll be guaranteed another 90 days.


Dictionary , Spanish grammar book in your language (No Spanish grammar books available in Cusco ) email addresses , book guides , novels , a small gift for your family , a coat for cold weather, a raincoat , hiking shoes or boots , sleeping bag ( for Inca Trail , however these can be rented ), water purification tablets (can be bought in Cusco ), knife , torch / flashlight.


The rainy season in Cusco occurs from November through to March . If students want to do the Inca Trail this season the weather is not a deterrent. During the dry season from April to October, the weather is usually sunny . The temperature is cold during the night and hot during the day . It is recommended that students bring rain gear and appropriate clothing likewise low temperatures at night, even for indoors as they do not have heating.


The currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol At the time of writing USD $ 1.00 is equivalent to S/.2 , 80. There are some ATMs that accept credit cards and many exchange offices where you can change travelers checks . There are ATM machines at the Bank Interbank. It is best to arrive with American dollars .


The following list gives you some indication of what you want to plan for your stay in Cusco . Taxis : $ 0.75 ; Local transportation $ 0.20 , a menu in a restaurant $ 2.50 , a beer in a nightclub $ 1.75 , a cappuccino in a cafe bar $ 0.75 , an international call $ 3.00 per minute laundry $ 1.00 per kilo , use Internet $ 0.50 / hour


In general , you will not have problem to contact home, either by phone , mail , fax or internet. Long distance calls cost about $ 3.00 per minute. There are many internet booths in Cusco which costs $ 0.50 .


It is recommended that prior to the trip , students undertake a medical examination , purchase health insurance and consult with your doctor about necessary vaccinations . Must be protected against typhoid , polio, tetanus and hepatitis. Just need a yellow fever vaccination if you go to the jungle . Check malaria prophylaxis for all lowland rural areas to be visited (no malaria in Cusco ) . No need vaccine against cholera. You can get more information about the health risks abroad , vaccinations . at your local travel clinic .

ALTITUDE ( altitude sickness )

Some people experience some discomfort at this altitude . We recommend at least a couple of hours before the start of classes or other activities . The symptoms of altitude sickness or altitude sickness are: headache, dizziness, stomach upset and tiredness. These symptoms may be reversed by reducing the consumption of alcohol but we recommend increased fluid intake , especially coca tea and light meals and plenty of rest


Beware of sunburn at high altitude. The ultraviolet rays are extremely strong. The air is also excessively dry at altitude and you know that if your skin is dry you have to use a moisturizer and Vaseline .


Generally it is safe and relatively easy to travel around Peru for yourself. There are buses , planes , taxis, etc. . Throughout the country you can find good hotels and upscale. There are all kinds of travelers and tourists along the Peru so it is easy to meet other people .


The easiest and fastest way to travel between Lima and Cusco is undoubtedly by plane . Flights are between $ 90.00 and $ 125.00 per ticket and run between 6:00 am and 11:00 am Most travelers arriving from Lima by plane.

If you want to go overland , there are two options. The first route is from Ayacucho , Andahuaylas and Abancay 's route is really beautiful . However, most of the roads are unpaved ( and buses and hotels are bad) and it is a little strong for those who have just arrived in Peru . All it will take you about 48 hours to reach Cusco . There are several bus companies throughout the year that offer this service , however, the route is too dangerous considering the rainy season .

The second option is to go first to Arequipa , then to Cusco . The route from Lima to Arequipa is fast , most of the trips are on the Panamerican Highway along the coast. The buses are fine and depart every half hour from Lima . Arequipa is a beautiful city, where travelers can consider staying a day before continuing the journey . But if you prefer , there is a direct connection to Cusco that departs between 4:00 and 8:00 pm The road is not very good, it can get cold at night and the bus is full. Now you will come to the Andes and Cusco at sunrise between 4:00 and 8:00 .


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