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Without argument, the star attractions in Nazca are the Nazca Lines. They are a set of ancient geoglyphs - huge lines drawn in the surface of the desert near Nazca. They were created thousands of years ago by an ancient tribe for reasons that remain unclear even to this day. Some of the figures are geometric, such as spirals and trapezoids and lines. Others are anthropomorphic, in the form of animals, birds, and people. Perhaps the most famous figures are the hummingbird, the spider, the whale, the dog, and a mysterious humanoid figure referred to as "the astronaut."

There are four main ways of seeing the Nazca Lines. The best option for you or your group, to see the Nazca Lines, 
depends on your budget, your tour route, and how much time you have available. 

Health and Well-being Notice:
This tour is one of the most popular tours in Peru, but it is important to note the following: tourists who are mildly sensitiveto motion sickness or flight sickness are encouraged to purchase medications or patches to prevent nauseua and discomfort during the flight. Many pharmacies in Ica, Nazca, and Lima sell these pills.

Cost: $110 USD per person
Extra fees: $10 USD per person
Location: Maria Reiche Airport, Nazca
Important: Please bring your passport

This is one of the most famous tours in Peru, and the reason that most people come to Nazca: visitors climb into a small Cessna 206 airplane and fly over the Nazca Lines at an altitude of several thousand feet. The flight lasts for 35 minutes and you will have time to appreciate all of the major lines, including the monkey, spaceman, condor, whale, etc. Onboard our classic Nazca Lines flights, every passenger has a window.

You will be picked up at your hotel or at the bus terminal in Nazca, and then driven to the local Nazca airport. A brief introductory video is displayed for the enjoyment and education of the tourists. During this video, you will learn about the theories of who created the Nazca Lines and why. You will learn to identify many of the lines just based on the design. Finally you will learn about the scientists and scholars who spent their lives researching these lines.

At the end of your flight, you will be transported back to your hotel or bus terminal in Nazca.

Tours include: transportation to airport from your location in Nazca, an introductory historical video, 40 minute flight over the Nazca Lines, transportation from airport back to point of origin.

Tours do not include: Food, beverages, airport taxes, gratuities



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